Project Details:
  • Skills: Web Development, Front End, Back End, Design, Media Planning, Film Production, Social Media
  • Release Date: 05/10/2013
  • Client: Disney
  • Copyright: All rights reserved
Project Description:

Violetta was a worldwide smash hit. The TV novel launched in Disney Channel on 2012, became the favorite character of almost every young from the region and the entire world. It transcended the TV screen. Her fans, who we know as “C Generation”, found in YouTube a place to connect with their favorite artist.
80% of the “C Generation” is comprehended by the millennium generation, the YouTube main public (but not exclusive).
Considering this, we made a strategic decision: we started speaking in the same language of the “C Generation”, Disney TV viewer, and facilitated a soft transaction towards the opening of our content, further than the TV screen, to the online video. This is why we developed this first customized channel where users could explore Violetta´s Studio and interact with the characters in different scenarios such as singing and dancing lessons, in the recording studio to learn choreographies and the series songs, among others.

+ 2.000.000 visits in more than 100 countries.
Average of 3 ½ minutes of permanence per visitor.
101.951 people reentered.
¼ of the visitors entered more than once and 10.000 entered more than 4 times.
In only one day, 43.000 visits were registered with tops of 400 simultaneous connections.
Organic diffusion: The users created at list 6 short links to enter directly. Most of the traffic came from this short links.