Alcoholic Beverages

Project Details:
  • Skills: Event Production, Strategic Planning, Branding, Design
  • Release Date: 14/03/2014
  • Client: Pernod Ricard
  • Copyright: All rights reserved
Project Description:

Palermo Dublin is the music event that we make every year for Jameson. It’s our local way to celebrate St. Patricks, taking place in Palermo’s streets, inside the most hyped neighborhood in Buenos Aires. This year we were launching Jameson’s Argentina Instagram account and we had to think of a way to link the account to the live experience the day of the festival and the weeks before.
Solution: We developed Palermo Dublin’s social HUB, a big social aggregator that was used as the main social platform during the weeks prior to the event, and showcased in a big screen during the live performances. We launched a set of challenges, where the fans could win VIP access, Jameson Bottles and merchandising by uploading photos to Instagram and using various hashtags. During the event, we had a big screen where one after the other a series of “photo challenges” were provided so all the attendees could take their own photos on instagram and get showcased in front of everybody. Twitter and Facebook hashtags were also included in the social HUB, amplifying reach across Latam most popular social networks.

+98% volume growth vs. March LY
Reach of facebook posts: +4M
Reach of Twitter & Facebook mentions: +2M
+80 free Media coverage pieces
+20 publications in Mass Media Agendas.