Project Details:
  • Skills: Strategic Planning, Film Production, Media Planning
  • Release Date: 27/10/2014
  • Client: Interturis
  • Copyright: All rights reserved
Project Description:

Interturis is one of the travel agencies with greater territorial presence in Argentina which launched its e-commerce platform.
In order to generate traffic to the new platform, convert it into sales and enhance the brand image, we created an integrated campaign of four TV commercials, videos and Facebook actions, Graphs, Outdoor, Radio and a digital media mix (Display & Search).
The campaign aimed to install Interturis as the ideal vacation enabler, that moment of gratification where workers can relax and renew their energy away from daily duties.
The idea was to enhance this moment contrasting it with the everyday routine. We chose to show those little insights that occur at work because it's there where the contrast is more evident.

35% of increase in the visit volume to the new website.
+ 350.000 video reproductions
50% of increase in the Facebook Fanbase.