Project Details:
  • Skills: Film Production, Strategic Planning
  • Release Date: 03/10/2014
  • Client: Atrápalo
  • Copyright: All rights reserved
Project Description:

Atrápalo is a travel&leisure agency that operates in Argentina. With the summer arrival all the travel agencies begin to offer holiday destinations. This is why, as Atrápalo needed to anticipate what would be a bidding battle, it came out with a promo at a time of the year where the rest of the travel agencies were silent.
We discovered that in Argentina 6 of 10 families have pets. Using this as bait to generate anticipated sales, Atrápalo created the Pets Hotel, which solved the problem of where to leave you pet during holidays, giving free hosting to all the pets of those who made their summer reservation in advanced.

By the beginning December (when the summer combos start being sold) Atrápalo already sold out the summer combos.
85% of the combos available were sold between August and November.
+ 20% increase in site visits
30% new visitors to the site